Send Sympathy Flowers in UAE.

Every individual has to face a rough phase in his life. To help him tide through these difficult times it is the sympathy and love of his family and friends which is most valuable. But a display of some sympathy verbally can sometimes hurt the sentiments of already distressed person and it might seem that people are taking a dig at his situation. The best way to help him in these troubled times is by sending him some beautiful vibrant posies with a note of encouragement reassuring him that darkness does not prevail for long and the sunshine of happiness will soon fill his life again. The beautiful posies sent online in UAE through our website will soothe his soul with their beauty while your words of encouragement will give him moral strength to stay undaunted in the face of trouble. Sympathy flowers can be delivered online as bouquets or you can opt for hand bunches if you wish to visit the person in distress personally. But if the distress is due to some illness then it is most appropriate that the flowers are sent online to his sickbed. In this way, the fear of jeopardizing the recovery of the patient due to infection can be avoided and your presence will be felt through the wonderful posies sent by you.

Classic White

3 Stem of White Lilies (9 Flowers) in a Glass Vase (one sided arrangement)

AED 179.00

Kiss Of The Rose

Basket arrangement of 40 Stem of White Roses with fillers (one side round arrangement)

AED 499.00
Free Chocolate

Softly Speaking

BUNCH of 2 Stem of White Lilies (Approx 6 Flowers) and 6 Stem of Peach Roses with fillers

AED 225.00

Pearl Beauty

Glass Vase with 10 stems of White Lilies & Greens.

AED 495.00 AED 429.00
hot offerr

Beautiful Whisper

BUNCH of 3 stems of White Alstromeria, 3 stems of White Chrysanthemum, 1 stems of White Lily, 8 Peach Rose (One side Round Arrangement)

AED 269.00

Creme Orchid

2 Stem of White Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Nice pot

AED 425.00

Style & Simplicity

Vase with 3 stems of White Lilies , 10 Stem of Peach Roses , 3 stems of White Alstromeria , 1 stems of White Hydrangeas & Fillers(One side Round arrangement)

AED 675.00
Free Chocolate

Morning Glory 30

Vase with 30 Stems of Cala Lilies

AED 1149.00
Free Cake

Classically Stunner

Vase with 2 stems of White Lilies , 4 White Roses , 4 White Carnations and 3 stems of Chrysanthemum (one sided round arrangement)

AED 249.00

White Lace

40 White Roses in a Glass Vase with Blue Ribbons in between (As Image)

AED 525.00

Arrive In Style

4 Peach roses with 2 stems of white lilies,2 stems of alstromeria and 2 stems of chrysanthemums in a Cube Glass Vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 259.00

Absolute Beautiful

10 White Tulip in a vase with greens and white ribbon

AED 299.00

Grand Celebratory

10 White Orchids in a glass vase

AED 225.00


BUNCH of 12 stems of White Lilies (Approx 36 Flowers)

AED 479.00

Admiring Beauty

10 Cala Lily in a Vase

AED 445.00

Serenity Bouquet

Arrangement of 5 White Rose, 5 White Carnation, 3 stems of White Astromeria, 3 stems of White Chrysanthemums in vase

AED 279.00

Faithful Blessings

36 White Roses in a vase

AED 379.00

Charming Amaryllis

8 stems Amaryllis in a vase

AED 519.00


Vase with 20 Stems of Calla Lilies

AED 845.00

Stunning White 18

6 stems of white Lilies in a Vase

AED 279.00

Essence of Grace

12 White Roses and 5 stems of White Lilies in a Vase

AED 369.00

Divinely Gift

12 stems of White Roses and 10 stems of Calla Lilies in a Vase

AED 593.00

Soft Blooms

One sided round arrangement of 2 White Lilies , 4 Peach Roses , 4 White Carnations in a cube vase

AED 309.00 AED 249.00
hot offerr

Innocence and Purity

100 stems of White Roses in a vase

AED 1199.00

Realistic White Cymbidium Orchid

8 Stems of White Cymbidium Orchid in a vase

AED 1147.00

Perfect White

20 White Orchid in a vase

AED 339.00

Cool & Sophisticated

Bunch of 40 White Roses with nice wrapping

AED 655.00 AED 499.00
hot offerr

Remembrance 12

12 White Roses with greens in a cube vase.

AED 219.00

Perfect Tribute

7 stems of White Lilies, 4 stems of White Chrysanthemums, 10 White Rose, 5 White Carnation in vase with greens.

AED 495.00

Joyful Bouquet 24

24 White Roses in a vase.

AED 319.00

Eternal Light 30

10 stems of White Lilies (Approx 30 Flowers) in a vase.

AED 459.00 AED 395.00
hot offerr

Pure White Bouquet

4 stems of White Chrysanthemums, 6 White Roses in a Glass vase.

AED 248.00

Joyful Roses

Bunch of 10 White Roses with Greens in nice wrapping

AED 158.00

White Tulips

30 Stems white tulips with steel grass in a Glass Vase

AED 569.00

Wistful Wishes 70

70 stems of white tulips in a vase

AED 1299.00

Honor Roses

20 White Roses in a vase

AED 269.00

Moon Light

Bunch of 5 stems of White Lilies, 5 stems of White Anthuriums , 10 White Carnations , 10 White Roses & 2 stems of White Chrysanthemums

AED 799.00 AED 659.00
hot offerr

Alluring Yellow

Bunch of 20 stems yellow spray roses.

AED 359.00

Classical Yellow

30 Yellow Roses in a cube vase

AED 399.00

Tulips Purity

20 White Tulips in a vase

AED 409.00