Send flowers in a Vase in UAE.

The beauty of the flowers remains as long as they are well-nourished and fresh. The suggestion of ordering flowers in glass vases is indeed an incredible one because in this way the life span of flowers can be increased considerably. At we have a collection of elegant glass vases in different sizes in accordance with the size of the flower arrangement ordered. For long-stalked flowers, we have delicate long vases and for small bunches gorgeous small vases are available. These vases are made of crystal clear glass and this makes them rather elegant. When the flowers arrived in glass vases, the receiver does not have to fret and fume where to place them so that they are well-nourished and bloom to their fullest. As there is tough competition in the market we take every possible measure to source these vases from the vendors, who give us a fair price. This helps us in keeping the prices of the flower arrangements in vases at a minimum for the benefit of the customers. The reward that we get for such hard work is the satisfied smile of our customers and the Thank You that we receive at the time of delivery of flowers.

Honor Roses

20 White Roses in a vase

AED 269.00

Morning Glow

3 Yellow and 3 White stems of Chrysanthemum ,3 Yellow Rose in a cube vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 185.00

Perfect Pink

24 Pink Roses in a Vase

AED 319.00

Gorgeous Romantic

36 Red Roses in a vase

AED 429.00

Sweetest Woman

1 Pink Hydrangea , 8 Purple roses and 4 stems of pink astromerias in a cube Glass Vase (One side round arrangement)

AED 375.00

Memorable Moments

5 stems of White Lilies and 20 Red Roses with fillers in a vase

AED 609.00 AED 499.00
hot offerr

You're special

3 Pink Rose , 3 stems of Pink Chrysanthemum and 1 stem of White Lilies in a vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 195.00

Remembrance 12

12 White Roses with greens in a cube vase.

AED 219.00

Mixed Roses

BUNCH of 20 stems of Mixed Colour Roses.

AED 275.00

Premium Pink

BUNCH of 12 Pink Roses

AED 189.00

Tulips in A Vase

Vase With 30 Stem of Pink, White and Purple Tulips

AED 595.00


6 stems of Pink Lily, 14 Pink Rose in a glass vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 459.00 AED 399.00
hot offerr

Yellow Lover

18 Yellow roses in a Glass Vase

AED 249.00

Shades of Pink

9 Pink and 9 Red Roses with fillers in a Glass vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 259.00

Touch Of Heart

BUNCH of 30 Red Roses

AED 375.00

With Love

Vase with 10 stems of White & Yellow Lilies

AED 315.00

Budding Beauty 10

10 Pink Tulips in a vase

AED 249.00

Classic Colors

12 Pink and 12 White Roses with fillers in a Glass vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 325.00

Assorted Color Roses

100 Assorted Color Roses in a vase

AED 1465.00 AED 1195.00
hot offerr


BUNCH of 12 stems of White Lilies (Approx 36 Flowers)

AED 479.00

Roses Beauty..100

Glass vase with 100 Stems Of Red Roses in step with steel grass (as image)

AED 999.00
Free Shiping

Mixed Flowers

One sided round arrangement of 15 Dark and Light Pink roses , 2 stems of pink Alstroemeria and 2 stems of purple chrysanthemums in a cue vase

AED 339.00

Sunny Day Pitcher 36

36 Yellow Roses in a Glass vase

AED 467.00 AED 399.00
hot offerr

Classic White

3 Stem of White Lilies (9 Flowers) in a Glass Vase (one sided arrangement)

AED 179.00

Red Roses

BUNCH of 3 red roses

AED 89.00

Style & Simplicity

Vase with 3 stems of White Lilies , 10 Stem of Peach Roses , 3 stems of White Alstromeria , 1 stems of White Hydrangeas & Fillers(One side Round arrangement)

AED 675.00
Free Chocolate

Birthday Celebrations

3 stems of Pink Chrysanthemum, 5 Dark Pink Rose, 5 stems of Orange Spray Rose in a Glass Vase (one sided round arrangement)

AED 277.00

Pink Panache

5 Pink Cymbidium Orchid in vase

AED 839.00

Tulips Love 20

Glass Vase with 20 Stems of Red Tulips

AED 325.00

Blue Dramatic Orchids 20

20 Blue Orchids in a Glass Vase

AED 299.00

Spread the Sunshine

12 stems of Yellow Roses , 6 White Calla Lilies in a vase

AED 429.00

Essence of Grace

12 White Roses and 5 stems of White Lilies in a Vase

AED 369.00

Ravishing Roses

24 Pink , Red and Peach Roses in a cube vase(Arrangement)

AED 299.00

Sweetness Romance

Vase with 24 Red Roses with Greens(One Side Round Arrangement)

AED 349.00 AED 319.00
hot offerr

Attention Getter

80 Red, Yellow and White Rose in a vase

AED 1335.00 AED 899.00
hot offerr

Romantic Way

Arrangement of 20 Red Roses in a cube vase with Heart using steel grass

AED 289.00

Feminine and fabulous

60 Mixed Color roses in a vase

AED 690.00

I love you

20 Red Roses, 10 Red and 10 Pink Tulip in a Cube vase

AED 599.00
Free Shiping

White Tulips

30 Stems white tulips with steel grass in a Glass Vase

AED 569.00

Exquisite Collection

20 pink Roses in a vase

AED 279.00